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Volunteer Activities

Macomb’s Morning Rotary Club Returns!

Macomb’s Morning Rotary Club descended on the Brickyard Saturday, October 11. This volunteer organization has made many a visit to the Brickyard and this one was no different than before. The task at hand was to spread a couple tons of mulch that had been piled in different locations throughout the area. What had taken a couple of hours on a bobcat to distribute was spread within the first hour! Four more trailer loads were needed to keep pace with this hard charging crew. When the dust settled, they had accomplished twice as much as had been planned!! The Morning Rotary shines once more!! Thank you!!



WAVE Fall 2014


The students are back and ready to work! The newest WAVE (Western’s All Volunteer Effort) group showed up Saturday September 13th dressed for the cool weather and ready to get to work! They cleaned up all the fallen branches from the recent weather events and then moved mountains of mulch to create a new area around the Office Building. What a hard working crew!

Fall 2013

On Western’s Make a Difference Day a group of 11 volunteers showed up ready to work and work they did. The projects at hand were general clean up of the grounds (with obligatory fires!) and upgrading the Spiral Garden with 40 bags of lava rock to fill the space between the pathway walls. In only two hours…..both missions accomplished! Thanks once again to the students of Western Illinois University!

Fall 2012

Volunteers from WAVE help tear off the old Office roof in preparation for the new! Great job on a cool day. Once again volunteers from Western Illinois University pitch in and get the job done!


PH KAPPA ALPHA’s clearing for the roof garden.

Volunteers have been a crucial component of the last 20 years of trying to save the Brickyard. This is dedicated to all of those volunteer efforts and the wonder people who have come to help for no more than a “thank you”! There have been so many of these efforts that were never captured as they were happening.

DELTA ZETA’s painting the shop building.

The Macomb Morning Centennial Rotary Club has been volunteering at the Brickyard for the past few years and what a difference! They show up in force and ready to work! They try to make it out twice a year depending on the weather. Each time is a new experience and a lot gets accomplished. Thank you Rotarians!!