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Moses King Brick and Tile Works
National Historic District
Colchester, Illinois

Projects Current and Past


Fall 2012

Thanks to Brickyard supporters The Office Building
sports a new roof, fascia, soffit, and paint job and now
exhibits an ongoing display of items of interest not
brick making related.



Fall 2012

Work on converting the former building known as the Dog House (which housed the pyrometers) into the future Museum has been underway since the fall of 2011. The WICMA  (Western Illinois Construction Management Association) started the project by removing the east wall and roof that had become water damaged and needed replaced. We have continued to process and are getting closer. Plans are to have the project complete by the October Supporter “Thank You” reception. Upon completion the building will house the collection of Brickyard artifacts that have been found or donated over the last 20 years. It will also have a copy of the National Register Application on display.

In the beginning….view in 2007.

East Wall water damage exposed. April 2011

WICMA putting in new wall

New roof and wall studs, thanks for the help WICMA.

Wall covered and window installed.

Interior wall covered and ready for paint.

Getting closer all the time. July 29, 2012


North wall shelves

Finished North Wall

South Wall Shelves

South Wall Shelves


Finished South Wall


Finished East Wall