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The Brickyard 2014 yard sale has officially ended. It was our 2nd best ever !!!

A big thank you to all who donated items & time. There were also several generous cash donations.
The proceeds will go far toward Brickyard operational costs.

A huge thank you to Sean Genovese, Matt Kipling, Mark Blaylock, Jan Welsch, Peter Cole, Erin Genovese, Pete Magsig, Brenda Miller & Mike Anderson for long hours of labor in sweltering heat.



3rd Summer Raffle

June 21 – September 22, 2014

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20

Drawing at the Western Illinois Museum, need not be present to win!

Tickets on sale at The Pub, The Red Ox, and The Wine Sellers in Macomb, Illinois.

Or by contacting the Brickyard at 309-776-3444 or email: brickyard7@gmail.com





Fall 2013 Appeal Letter

To keep those of you who haven’t
been lucky enough to make it to
The Brickyard mailing list “in the loop”.

 Here is the Brickyard mailing of  Wednesday Dec, 4th

A huge thanks to those who made  
the, very encouraging, first two
donations which arrived   
Saturday, December 7th.



The Office Building is sporting a new roof, fascia, soffit, and paint job. Thanks to our group of supporters, the funding was put in place just in time to save it. Also, a big thank you to Amy Carr for the donation of the door, what a wonderful addition. This is the first time we have been able to contract out the installation of a roof!! Now, on to the Factory!



Fall Fundraiser Launched!

Western’s All Volunteer Effort – WAVE – to the rescue on
Make A Difference Day !!!
Six WAVE volunteers gave the Moses King Brick & Tile Works
National Historic District a greatly needed lift by removing and
picking up shingles in preparation for a new roof for the former
Brickyard Office which is now a guest house.
Their community service contributions help guarantee the work
of preserving part of our regional history and providing arts
access programs will continue.

WAVE volunteers October 27, 2012

The 2012 Brickyard Supporters thank you reception was held (despite the rain) on October 13.  A great day of art, food, drink, and the opening of the new Museum!

2nd Summer Raffle completed!

The 2nd Summer Raffle has come to a successful completion. The winners were notified and prizes distributed the following day. Thanks to everyone who contributed in this fundraiser. Here’s the list of winners:

2nd Summer Raffle winners



August 2012 interview on WIUM-FM Public Radio. Update on the Brickyard. Thank you Rich Egger!




Drought hits Brickyard trees

TreeGators at work!

In an attempt to help stressing trees, The Brickyard invested in four Treegators.  It is hoped that keeping the root ball moist will enable the trees to make “a comeback” next year.  Even though watering is costly, losing trees would be more costly.   20+ Brickyard trees are either totally brown or dropping leaves.  The Treegators release 20 gallons of water in 5 to 9 hours, allowing the water to be absorbed slowly.   Rotating the four bags from tree to tree allows the stressing trees to have a drink weekly.  Hang in there trees !! Rain will come someday. Until then, we’ll do all we can to help you.


Educational Tour

On July 11, 2012 theMoses King Brick & Tile works National Historic District
provided one venue for the Western Illinois Museum’s Time Traveler’s Camp
where children 2nd through 6th grade had the opportunity to “journey back
in time” to explore key events in history and investigate how they impacted the
lives of those in our region.
At The Brickyard they learned how important the clay industry was inMacomb
during the 19th and early 20th century. Clay literally builtMacomb and its effects
can still be seen.



2nd Summer Raffle!

The 2nd Summer Raffle is underway. Several new prizes have been donated.  Tickets will go on sale the first of July with the drawing on September 7th at the West Central Illinois Arts Center in Macomb. Winners need not be present to win. You may get tickets by emailing requests to brickyard7@gmail.com or from the many Friends of the Brickyard supporters who will be selling them during the two month period. The cost is $5 each or 5 for $20.

These Macomb, Illinois locations will also be selling tickets starting July 2.

West Central Illinois Arts Center; The Wine Sellers; Princess Shoppe; and Middle Earth


 NEW DONATION to the Brickyard!!! This wonderful donation arrived at the Brickyard yesterday(June 7, 2012)!! A long time supporter knew of the “wish list” item of a four person golf cart for touring older folks and those who just can’t make the long walk around the Brickyard. The unannounced arrival (via trailer from Bettendorf, Iowa) was a total shock to us. With the upcoming summer events and tours, this is a godsend!